​We have a great respect and admiration for the athleticism of the Thoroughbred.  We stand two phenomenal Thoroughbred stallions - one route horse and one speed horse.  

Jody’s love of horses goes back to her childhood when she literally rode before she could walk, and over her lifetime has clocked thousands of hours in the saddle. She vividly remembers how each summer a neighboring pony farm would lend her an unbroken pony for the summer and she would return to them a well-ridden, trained mount. Although her methods have been honed by years of experience the passion for the animals is still evident. 

Jim has a lifetime commitment in the racing and driving disciplines.  His father did most of his work with a team of horses and Jim “Champ” was driving by the time he was big enough to hold the lines.  He still enjoys driving his teams and using a good solid driving horse to start the youngsters.  He ventured into the racing world as a young man and has clocked over 50 years racing QH and TB’s from coast to coast, being a leading trainer at many meets. Semi-retired now, he uses his skills to make improvements on the farm and still oversee the training sessions with the youngsters.​​

Our Story

"To see the wind's power, the rain's cleansing and the sun's radiant life, one need only to look at the horse."
~ Author Unknown

Welcome to Performance Warmbloods located in the heart of Big Sky Country, Montana.  Here you can feel the power of the land shaped by time and molded by nature. We hope you enjoy your tour with us. 

We are small breeding farm located in Central Montana. Our specialty is solid minded, athletic warmblood horses suitable for the Olympic disciplines of dressage, jumping, and combined training. Barleone offspring are gentle enough for the amateur, but talented enough to appeal to the professional rider.